RotaChock Types

RotaChock  - BASIC LINE (Includes Tall Line Tops and Tall Line Base Parts)

These are our highest volume catalog configured parts.

RotaChock  - SLIM LINE (Includes Tall Line Tops Parts)

These have a lower profile than our Basic Line Chocks and are excellent for fixed design systems.  The ease of installation is the best in marketplace for these tight applications.

RotaChock - HEX LINE

The perfect chock for small horsepower applications.  Easy tooling, ease of adjustment and the most economical solution in the marketplace.

RotaChock  - Extended Adjustment Range (EAR)

The fastest growing MAC in the marketplace! One chock for multiple applications and reconfigurations to suit the application.

RotaChock  - Mounting Plates

Designed for resilient mount applications.  Resilient mounts inherently need adjustment during their lifecycle.  Accomplish this task fast and easy with the RotaChock Mounting Plate!  Also, perfect for shaft bearing applications!

RotaChock  - Block Type

These RotaChocks are for machinery that requires full face support.  When required, we have configurations that will meet 10^6 mechanical stiffness ratings just like the other RotaChocks.

Contact us with your natural frequency requirements.

We will exceed your expectations for toughness, economy and ease of installation – by design!!

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