RotaChock - Options

Standard-off-the-shelf RotaChocks, do not work in every situation.


Some time you have the need for extra design height, or maybe you need RotaChock to accept a larger bolt diameter.


We have options for you:

Tall Line RotaChocks

Why use Tall Line assemblies?


Shaft center line heights between the driver and driven equipment are usually different.  How does the engineer address this height difference?  Usually, different height pedestals are affixed to the skid to accommodate these differences.  This solution is costly as additional craftsmanship is essential to fit-up the steel work and welding required while holding the co-planer requirements for mounting surfaces.  Meeting the flatness requirements is tough in the shop.  But the unit still needs to be transported to the site and installed.  Making the mounting areas coplanar and flat again can be costly.


Our solution is RotaChocks supplied with a taller height to suit your application!  Step one is to simplify the design of the skid.  Make the skid simple - flat!  Step two: Use the RotaChocks to take-up the shaft centerline height differences – simple, fast and zero softfoot for the lifecycle of the system.


We do have some considerations for these type of configurations.  Applications that have thrust or other bolt in shear force (s) directions need attention.  Our experience with ballistic, seismic or applications with complex couples is comprehensive.  Let us help!

Tall Top Parts

Why use Tall Top Parts?


Some applications have configurations with only a slight difference between shaft centerline heights. Many times the adjustment range of the chocks is sufficient to accommodate the differences.  But, if 1/4" to 3/4" in additional height are needed, then a taller top part is more economical than a full tall line assembly.


Also, on occasion during assembly of the package, the gap height is not always “as designed”.   Subsequently, when the RotaChock is fitted and adjusted only to find the height difference ends up beyond the maximum adjustment height for that style of chock.  Instead of adding shims, we have engineered a way to adapt for the situation - Taller Top Parts.  All of our standard top parts can be swapped out for a taller design, thus making up the gap with all the stiffness and strength of the original design.

RotaChock Tools

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