The RotaChock

                                                                 - Mechanically Adjustable Chock (MAC)

  • Reusable
  • Eliminates soft foot
  • No trial & error alignment process
  • No curing downtime / No mixing errors / No specialized training as with poured compounds
  • Eliminate or minimize milling of foundations
  • No special tools or training required
  • Easy to install
  • Variety of materials and configurations to suit the environment

The RotaChock Advantage

The RotaChock is an innovative, elegant, and economical machinery mounting solution.  The RotaChock improves the machinery installation process on the production line and for the machinery lifecycle.


The RotaChock design is the result of years of field and laboratory experience and critical thinking into essential elements of machinery requirements, installation practices and mounting processes.


We have created the best practical solution:




• No milling or machining

• No dam building, no mixing, no temperature control and no curing times

• No shim cutting or trial and error processes

• The RotaChock installation results in no softfoot



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