How To Order:


There are two techniques for ordering RotaChocks:  Quick selection for customers that have experience with mechanically adjustable chocks (MAC) or folks that have not personally installed MAC’s, the calculation method.

Quick Selection:


  1. What is your mounting bolt size?
  2. What is your Gap?
  3. Select the Type of RotaChock from our standard products as depicted on the RC Types tab above.
  4. Contact us with your order.



We supply sizing calculations at no cost – download a data sheet form the DownLoad tab above.


This sizing technique is recommended for all stakeholders.  We look at the whole mounting configuration for your application.


Briefly, you will need to have ready:


Component details:

  • Weight, Power, RPM and Foot Print (Bolt size and material preference for bolt and chock)
  • Anticipated Gap (see above illustration)
  • Foundation details:
          • Thickness and material.
          • Having the construction details is preferred.
          • Identify extraordinary concerns for your application ie. low magnetic permeability, high shock, caustic environments etc...


1)  Send us your data sheet at

Sizing calculations are usually completed within minutes of your comprehensive submittal.


2)  We will provide you recommendations for the RotaChock size and bolt tightening.  Applications that have bolt shear forces from the environment – we provide guidance for capturing the gear thrust, classification society rules and thermal growth control.




If you are new to mechanically adjustable chocks, we invite you to contact us to collaborate for the best and verified selection.

"Fill The GAP"

RotaChocks are simply a “Fill The GAP” technology.


We accommodate your needs with our recommendations.


The RotaChock is easy to install.


It is designed to be the low cost machinery mounting solutions for the lifecycle of your equipment.

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